Career Advice


There are 3 steps in deciding the type of career path a candidate wants to embark on;

  • The first step in looking for a job is to find out what type of training will be offered on the job.
  • It is essential that a candidate develops both personally and professionally while on the job, to be able enhance their skills and knowledge, which will help in career progression.
  • The qualifications that a candidate can gain from the job, if there will be distance learning involved or assessment in the work place together with the experience gained from the job.


Curriculum Vitae

Writing a good CV to ensure that it catches an employer’s mind. It is an informal way of introducing yourself to the employer.

Cover Letter

Cover letter is a great opportunity to describe the qualifications and job experiences on your CV, that cannot be easily explained on the CV. It also helps in tailoring your application to the employer and job applied. A cover letter demonstrates how passionate a candidate is about the role.  There are various sources online to see how to write a CV and cover letter.


Career in HealthCare Sector with LionHeart

Choosing a career in health sector, requires a candidate to be passionate about helping people and making a difference in their health and well-being.

There are various employment opportunities in the Health care sector, but with LionHeart we specialise in providing services to Care Homes and offer domiciliary services. There is also a massive opportunity for growth in working as a health care assistant (Care Worker).

A candidate can successfully go into these roles, though some of these roles will require an additional training or studies;

  • Care Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Nursing
  • Teacher

There are various other roles, a candidate can get into after getting an experience as a health care assistant, please visit  National Career Service for more information on this role.